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BIRR has fertility expertise since 1971

BIRR’s IVF labware portfolio is developed and produced in the EU, according to the highest quality standards

BIRR offers a complete IVF labware portfolio

All BIRR’s IVF Labware has been designed in close collaboration with embryologists

All BIRR’s IVF Labware is CE Class IIa MDD certified

BIRR aspires for a reliable delivery

If there’s a customer/patient need for new products, BIRR designs it

The BIRR IVF Labware has been developed and produced according to the highest quality standards:

CE Mark

  • Class IIa sterile Medical Device according 93/42 EEC Directive

Results per LOT number available

  • Mouse Embryo Analysis (MEA),

  • Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL),

  • Sperm Mobility Assay (SMA)


  • ISO 13485: 2016 certified,

  • FDA cleared,

  • Registered in various countries. When required, local regulatory registration will be established

smART Labware Label                                        


  • BIRR introduces it’s smART Labware Label: BIRR IVF Labware with innovative features and added value on ease of use or safety versus conventional labware.

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