Multipurpose Handling Medium-Complete (MHM-C) with Gentamicin
  • Multipurpose Handling Medium-Complete (MHM-C) with Gentamicin

    Catalog ID: 90166


    Handle sperm, oocytes, and embryos in a stable environment



    Multipurpose Handling Medium (MHM) is dual buffered solution (HEPES and MOPS) that provides a safe and secure environment to maintain viability of gametes and embryos during manipulations under ambient conditions. It is a versatile solution for swim up preparation, sperm washing, oocyte retrieval and rinsing, IUI, ICSI, and embryo transfer.


    • Maintain physiological pH 7.2-7.4 and osmolality over a broad temperature range
    • Support maintenance of cellular homeostasis with aid of glycine and taurine
    • Reduce risk of toxicity using a dual buffer system
    • Save time - no mixing or filtering, ready to use


    Also available in:
    90163 - Multipurpose Handling Medium (MHM)



    Storage : Store at 2-8°C

    Shelf Life : 12 months from date of manufacture